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Not too far off the heels of Facebook’s Graph Search announcement, Twitter announces their newest product: Vine.

What is Vine?

Most simply put: Vine is Twitter for video. With an “in stream” layout like that of Facebook and Instagram apps, the service offers users the opportunity to film short, 6 second videos for easy sharing on Twitter an Facebook.

The reason that Vine has the chance of succeeding when other apps before it didn’t: it has the full backing of Twitter.

Is the Facebook v. Twitter war over?

Not quite. The Vine launch was a battle within the veritable war between the two giants. Already in it’s 3rd permutation from it’s original launch, Vine started off with the ability for users to find Facebook friends who were on the platform. ¬†Facebook then blocked the functionality for the app and updated their blog with a post which many assume to be aimed at Vine saying that apps aren’t allowed to benefit from the Facebook user list if they don’t provide something beneficial for the user without infringing on Facebook’s core.

How can I use Vine for business?

As with most social networks the best way to use Vine for business is to round out the experience, making it less about direct sales and more about content creation and bringing humanity to the brand. Chris Brogan has already outlined 11 specific usages of Vine but here are some I thought of after my first couple of runs.

  1. Use it to have a little fun like Mashable. Who doesn’t want to be like Mashable?
  2. Give a quick tour of your desk.
  3. Do a run through.
  4. Introduce your staff.
  5. Preview some content you can’t wait to get out.
  6. Have your followers send you videos introducing themselves.

Some questions for Vine?

There of course are always questions but with new apps it usually pertains to bugs and the future. As the app hasn’t quite crashed on me yet mine have more to do with some tactile improvements and movements for growth than with technical fixes – though I wouldn’t complain if the interface got a facelift.

  • Will we be getting embed codes soon?
  • Is there a better placement or implementation of the “like/smile” tool?
  • Is a web based platform coming soon?
  • Android and other devices?
  • Exporting to Tumblr possibly?


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