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Here at we’re always trying to keep up with the latest trends, tricks and tips to maximize our social media power.  Recently, we participated in a webinar hosted by on “How To Effectively Engage Customers on Facebook.”  Did you know less than 16% of your fans see your content in their newsfeed in a given day? And, did you know that as your Facebook page grows, although you have more people to engage with, the percent of people being shown your content is lower.  To help you beat these odds we decided to share 11 tips we learned below:


  1. Be timely.  Celebrate and acknowledge holidays and milestones.
  2.  Be nostalgic.  Use quotes and memories.
  3. Be curious.  Don’t just have a one-sided conversation.  Ask your fans questions, such as what kind of information would they want more of,  post polls, or make your status a fill in the blank statement. Did you know fill in the blank statuses generate 90% more engagement than normal text posts?
  4. Be personable.  Offer your customers an inside look on your product or corporate culture.  Try incorporating memes, pictures, and humor that reflect your company or product.
  5. Be concise.  Keep it short, posts with 80 characters or less had 27%  higher engagement rate, especially in ads. In fact, they suggest that 90 characters is absolute max amount for ads.
  6. Be relevant. Target your status updates, this is particularly true if you are a national or worldwide company.
  7. Be consistent.  Pages that post everyday can organically reach 22% of fan base each week.
  8. Be exclusive.  Your fans appreciate you, show them you appreciate them as well with special offers and rewards.
  9. Be fair.  Keep the good content, keep the bad or negative content (though you may want to address it), but delete the ugly content.  Implement moderation guidelines for your page so fans know what to expect from you and what is expected of them.
  10. Be competitive.  Offer a challenge or quiz and see who can complete it first.
  11. Be considerate.  If you want fans to share your content you also have to share theirs. Try to use content that fans share with you or make for your company (and ask permission from them to use it). You can also create a Pinterest board to encourage sharing across networks.



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