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Though it’s probably not the sexiest name in the game, it’s already knocked the Yelp, LinkedIn, as well as the parent company to and OkCupid’s stocks down by it’s mere announcement. Facebook Graph Search is set to become as integral to the social network as timeline and newsfeed.

Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new project at a press event.  At the end, graph search was rolled out in beta format and the help pages, official blog posts from Facebook as well as waiting-list sign up for the tool were all published.

The point of Facebook Graph Search

Facebook’s timeline is purposed to give you information about a specific person. By visiting a person’s timeline you can find out information about where they live, where they work and their education. It’s very specific to that person.

Facebook’s newsfeed by extention gives you information about your interests. Through their algorithm, Facebook determines of all the things, people and places you’ve said that interest you, what to show you whether it be pictures of your sister’s wedding or updates from your favorite restaurant.

Facebook Graph Search is intended to give you information about the networks around you. ¬†Through intuitive queries like “people who like The New Normal” and “photos of my friends before 1996” Facebook searches all of the information accessible to you to bring back search results tailored to you.

This is post is the beginning of a series of posts exploring Facebook’s new Graph Search tool. Read the second post on Graph Search and how it could possibly change the digital landscape Facebook currently resides in.

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