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This post is the third in a series of posts about Facebook’s new Graph Search tool.  Read the first post in the series to find out about “What is Facebook Graph Search” and the second to read about how the tool affects the digital landscape.

What this means for your company

The possibilities certainly seem to be endless in regards to how your business can benefit from the new roll out. When one thinks of business to business specifically and personal marketing, it seems that LinkedIn should definitely consider the implications. Here are a few ways you can think about how your business and Facebook Graph Search could interact.

  1. You could turn up in searches. This of course is ideal but for this to happen, you want to give Facebook as much information as possible about your business. This means making sure that your information is completely filled out and still encouraging engagement and likes as these will make you appear higher in search results.
  2. You could find employees. Facebook suggests searching for friends of your current employees as a starting place but you could search on Facebook to plug specific niches in your company and even do a preliminary social media check at the same time.
  3. You could find strategic partnerships. Know that you want to work with Riggs Partners? Through Facebook Search Graph you could find which of your friends, or which of your friends’ friends were employees of Riggs.
  4. You could find reporters. Know that you want to get in The Atlantic? Well why not try searching friends of friends who are employees of the publication?
  5. You could reconnect with people you were introduced to. Have you ever gone to look up someone you were introduced to but only had their first name?  Well with the new Graph Search you’ll be able to search for “friends of Catherine Price named Joe” or “friends of John Doe named Kevin that went to the University of South Carolina.”
  6. You can fill out information about your buyers personas to enrich your content marketing. Ever thought about doing a weekly tweet-up about things that have nothing to actually do with your business but are of interest to your customer?  Well with Facebook Graph Search you’ll be able to find out more information about your customers. You could search “tv shows doctors watch” or “magazines that teachers read” and then use those content resources as points of reference to create a more genuine voice.
  7. You can still place sponsored results ads.  Though Facebook has not announced that they will be rolling out a new ad type for this new search there is still the “sponsored results” ad.

Some questions for Graph Search

Though Facebook was fairly thorough in their explanation of the new tool some questions still linger:

  • Will Facebook Graph Search support terms other than “and” like “or” and “not?
  • Though they alluded to this becoming a component in the future, will status updates be indexed eventually to be able to search for things like “friends who talked about The Hobbit in January 2012”?
  • Will Bing eventually become nothing more than the web search inside of Facebook Graph Search?
  • Will this new way of searching encourage users to use more identifiers in their Facebook usage to make work searchable?
  • Will Facebook be rolling out a new “tagging” tool in order to identify some things.

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