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This post is the second in a series of posts about Facebook’s new Graph Search tool.  Read the first post in the series to find out about “What is Facebook Graph Search” and read the next post to find out about Graph Search’s implications for your business.

What Graph Search means for other social networks

In addition to possibly usurping the unexploited thunder of Google+ by making things a little less “me-centric” Facebook Search Graph possibly poses a threat to social networks like LinkedIn as well as Yelp and dating sites like OkCupid and

  • To find restaurant and/or business suggestions one could type in queries like “italian restaurants in Columbia, SC” or “spanish restaurants in Charleston, SC that friends from Mexico like.” The query brings up not only a list of restaurants, but a list of the friends who have liked the page, information about the page and a rating.
  • To search for possible employees, employers could search for “friends of friends who work at that are developers” or “friends of friends that are graphic artists.”
  • For possible romantic interests, one could search “friends of friends who are single females” or even “friends of friends who are single males in Columbia, SC and from New York, NY”
What Graph Search means for privacy

Absolutely nothing.  The Facebook team built Graph Search to work within the privacy settings that you’ve already established on Facebook.  While this does mean you may want to review your Facebook privacy settings, you won’t have to worry about people circumventing the access guidelines you’ve set for your content via the Graph Search. Facebook only allows results that individual viewers have access to normally to be displayed.

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