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Here in the office we’ve been chatting about website responsivity and how it could make “apps” a thing of the past.  Case in point, the new updates to Twitter.  Though Twitter apps are far from obsolete – one large component that apps include that websites (whether responsive or not) don’t is push notifications – the Twitter mobile site has been overhauled to something that’s a heck of a lot easier than it once was, and comes available on more devices!

Twitter overhauls

Twitter’s mobile site was overhauled to resemble something that seems more akin to the current web platform as well as Twitter apps.  With most of the action buttons now at the top of the site, the revamped site is much more user-friendly.  Having been tested on over 300 phones the facelift stays true to the brands imaging.

Twitter updates apps

After a small leak, Twitter rolls out new updates in the Twitter apps for iPhone and Android. What does it mean for you?

  • Expanded Tweets – On, clicking on a tweet with a link expands it to include a preview of where the link is set to take you.  Now the Twitter App does as well with partners like Kickstarter, MLB, C-SPAN, Vimeo, Etsy, The Atlantic and others that will provide previews as well as even videos when applicable.
  • Search Simply  – The search now features improved autocomplete meaning that usernames or actual names can be typed in and the app will suggest the complete names.
  • Receive notifications – For those of us who’ve been on Twitter for years, you may remember “Follow by Phone.” This entailed following users via text message, and receiving a text for their every tweet.  Well now, the new Twitter app allows for receiving these updates via push notifications as opposed to text messages. While in the Twitter app on the user’s page, click the action button and select “Turn on notifications.”


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