What an Inbound Marketer is Doing in Open Heart Surgery

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keely saye at open heart surgeryWhat in the world is an inbound marketer doing observing an open heart surgery? That is precisely what I was thinking as I was standing on a stool viewing this (wait, let me get out the thesaurus to do this justice) awesome, beautiful, frightening, intimidating, magnificent, terrifying and wonderful achievement.

I’m there to observe Providence Hospitals‘ most notable accomplishment, its cardiovascular surgeons in action. I’ve read all the facts and stats, but they were just words on a screen until today. These words have more meaning now than I ever imagined:

I never questioned the validity of this information, but seeing the surgical team in action gave it all new meaning. The meticulous focus these doctors and nurses demonstrated, yet the fast pace at which they worked in the operating room could only come from years upon years of experience. Holding a beating heart in the palm of his hand, the doctor performed a beating-heart triple bypass surgery within two hours. In more conventional open heart surgeries, medication is used to stop the heart while a bypass machine takes over the functions of the heart and lungs.

WOW! I just witnessed divinity. As I peered down and viewed this absolute angelic moment, I began to take inventory of where cameras could be installed or worn by the surgical team. How could we have these doctors walk us through the experience? How can we educate potential heart patients about the process, the options they have, and the surgeons they need?

That is what an inbound marketer was doing in open heart surgery…figuring out how NOT to be a marketer and more like a teacher. This Hubspot client and I are going to have some serious fun together!

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