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While some were still grappling over the implications of Facebook’s recent buyout of Instagram, and then their subsequent debut on the public stock market, others of us have begun to figure out their new features and apps that have recently been released.

Facebook Pages Manager App

Facebook pages manager appIf you’re an app fanatic there’s a good chance that you have four separate Facebook apps on your mobile device: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera, and Facebook Pages Manager.  While it certainly can get a little confusing, Facebook has chosen to make four smaller, more niche – and as a result nimble – apps to manage your social life. The Facebook Pages Managers app allows page admins to manage their Facebook Pages from their mobile device.  Currently the app allows for posting wall updates, commenting on user posts, as well as viewing page insights.  Hopefully in future upgrades Facebook will expand the app to allow for messaging as well as post scheduling.

Facebook Pages Status Scheduling

Facebook pages status schedulingThere’s no doubt if you’ve been doing your own Facebook Page monitoring, you’ve been utilizing third-party apps, probably like Hootsuite, to schedule posts for when you can’t be at the computer. Well now, Facebook makes that task a little bit easier allowing you to schedule posts inside of Facebook. When posting, one only has to click the grey clock on the left side of the status update and follow the prompts to schedule an update for up to 6 months in the future. The new tool allows you to schedule posts and many assume without penalization

Facebook Pages Gets Teams

In addition to allowing page administrators to schedule Facebook updates, Facebook now allows for roles. These roles – five in total – pertain to exactly what the page admins are allowed to do. Roles like the “Insights Analyst” are allowed only to view page Insights while a “Manager” retains all administrative rights.

Facebook pages gets teams

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