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Woo hoo! Our client, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) has been named the winner in the ‘Best Outcome Based on Listening, Monitoring, and Measurement’ category of the Earnies. Recognizing individuals and organizations nationally for their outstanding efforts in the area of earned media executed across social media, the Earnies recognized NDPA for executing an inbound marketing strategy that focused on listening and monitoring for brand conversations and topics about drowning prevention on channels including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

NDPA worked with Inbound Marketing Agency to begin setting the foundation of their social media strategy in June 2011. The organization followed and engaged content resources relevant to drowning prevention and shared these industry leaders’ content by microblogging regularly. This positioned NDPA as an industry expert and aggregator of relevant content within the national drowning prevention community.

Within the first three months, NDPA’s Facebook reach had organically grown 140% from 848 to 2,031 fans, and Twitter grew 335% from less than 100 followers to 435. No advertising dollars were spent during this time.

Organic Facebook Growth from June through August 2011

NDPA social media growth

Organic Twitter Growth from June through August 2011

 Twitter growth from inbound marketing strategyStatistics courtesy of

Once the organization was established as a relevant contributor of content in social media, NDPA launched its first social media conversion campaign. The Facebook fan drive known as the Lifesaver of the Year contest continued to build on the momentum of organic growth by integrating traditional public relations tactics by Payton Communications and micro-targeted pay-per-click digital advertising in Facebook and Google.

Throughout the Lifesaver of the Year campaign from November 2011 to February 2012, NDPA once again increased their Facebook reach by another 124% from 2,201 to 4,939 and Twitter reach by 20% from 519 to 623. All in all, the organization has seen a 525% growth in Facebook fans and 551% growth in Twitter followers since the inception of their inbound marketing strategy in social media. Linkedin and YouTube analytics as well as website traffic from Google Analytics correspond to this growth as well.

 Facebook Growth from Lifesaver of the Year Campaign

Lifesaver of the Year Facebook campaign growth

Twitter Growth from Lifesaver of the Year Campaign

NDPA Twitter Growth from Lifesaver of the YearStatistics courtesy of


“The winning campaigns each displayed creative use of social media to engage an audience and drive business growth – and their results reiterate the impact social media has on today’s earned media landscape,” said Rachel Meranus, vice president of marketing and communications, PR Newswire.

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