It’s Official!

Home  >>  Inbound Marketing  >>  It’s Official! has a home at the WECO. It’s written on glass! The great people at Riggs Partners have welcomed us into their creative co-working space for some months now, but we’ve finally made it official! We are excited to be part of such a fun, energetic workplace, and can’t wait to move forward from this memorable starting point. Let the marketing begin!

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  1. Lee Muller says:

    I enjoyed the USC program you gave. The real case study experience of what worked and did not, the trial and error and success, was valuable to me.

    I was the oldest guy there, with my daughter, a budding web designer. I am a consulting CIO and systems designer. Have built a lot of commercial applications, some large B2B sites, now doing small e-commerce for startups as well.

    We are using social media in the form of crowd funding, for a movie (funded) and a book.

  2. Keely says:

    Great meeting you Lee! And so happy you found the information useful. Good luck to you!