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I hear so many small business owners say that search engine optimization (SEO) wouldn’t make a difference for their little ole company because the international competition for organic search is so overwhelming. Well here’s a little secret…Google knows where you are when you’re searching for something, so your results will be more relevant to your geographic location. This means your pool of competition to get on the top of Google’s search results page isn’t as intimidating after all.

The job of the SEO specialist has changed drastically in recent years because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing the way it ranks websites. A few years ago, SEO specialists focused on keyword strategies to the point that they began cheating the system by burying invisible keywords within pages. Google figured out that this manipulated search results in such a way that the most popular sites were not being found at the top of your results pages. Rather, those SEO specialists who had “gotten Google’s number” were creeping up to the top.

Sure, a good keyword strategy is still good practice along with making sure you’re indexed in all the tons of different directories out there. But, your efforts could be in vain without a strategy to produce good content on an ongoing basis because over 75% of your search engine ranking is going to be related to your inbound links…that is, how many sites are linking to yours. And Google isn’t just counting how many sites are referring to yours, but they’re looking at the quality of those referring sites as well. Google says, “No more cheating,” when it comes to organic search results. We actually have to be creative and disciplined enough to deserve making it to the top now.

Never forget the power of content on your website. Content is king when it comes to getting found online, so produce those blogs, campaign landing pages, videos and viral strategies and pull people into your site with some strong inbound marketing techniques! They are out there looking for you. You just have to provide the bait.

P.S. If you’re asking yourself why Google was the only search engine referenced in this blog, it’s because Google commands over 64% of all searches online. Check out this Hubspot blog for more info on that.

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