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The one dimensional proclamatory advertising days are over. So move over ego centric advertisers, and bring it on user-generated multi-media! Content is the king in the new media revolution, but not just any kind of content.

For almost the entire last century, the marketer has enjoyed having the persuasive power over the consumer to drive sales. But  the tables have turned. The consumer now has the power to drive other consumers to the sales counter, so the message within the content has to truly resonate within your buyer personas if you want it to be shared.

Get into the minds of your audience, and give them something they will value. It can be an educational webcast that doesn’t tout your company name but rather teaches them something that they want to know. Produce an ebook that summarizes an educational message but doesn’t give away the farm. If you succeed in branding yourself as an expert, people will come back for more and share your content by word-of-mouse.

Get your message to spread like wildfire by producing something funny. Maybe, produce a parody or spoof off of a popular music video or television show. Check out these viral videos, and get the wheels turning to generate something creative for your company.

Baby Got Leads Video – Over 20,000 views

How to Tie a Bowtie – Over 540,000 views

How to Cut a Pineapple – Over 63,000 views

Now go promote your company with something educational or funny like this!

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