3 Steps to Finishing What’s Left on Your Twitter Plate

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Do you want more Twitter followers? Forget it! Would you leave food on your plate before going up to the buffet line for more? Yes, actually, you would. But this isn’t a Chinese buffet – this is networking.

Businesses love to use the nifty 80/20 rule – the idea that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. Twitter works in the same way, just taken to the extreme.

Let’s try the 95/5 rule. Say you have 1,000 Twitter followers. Have you actually attempted to connect with 50 of them?

Here’s how:

  1. Find someone in your industry that seems to be regularly interacting with other tweeters.
  2. Take a solid 15-20 minutes to read a few of their tweets, check out their link, and read two or three of their blogs. Hopefully by then, you would have found some interest, idea, or hobby in common with this person.
  3. Use this as an icebreaker and send an insightful @reply or DM. Repeat these steps 49 more times.

49 more times, what?!?!

Yes, do this 49 more times. It’ll take some self-discipline, but patience is a virtue. Don’t worry about reaching your next big follower “milestone.” Take time to connect with a few people on a personal level and you will truly understand the power of Twitter.

This post was provided by guest blogger, Dave Stone, student at the University of South Carolina’s International Masters in Business Administration program. Follow Dave on Twitter at @davestone04.

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