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Some of you might be thinking, “Why do I need to market my business to all of Cyberworld if I’m only selling my products or services locally?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you don’t, no one who’s looking for you will actually find you.

Marketing is no longer about proclamation of how great our products and services are to a sea of potential viewers who may or may not be interested in what we’re selling. Marketing today is about reaching the consumer at their discretion with an engaging message stamped with credibility. Consumers will choose someone else over you who pops up in the top of their search or crosses their path from trusted centers of influence. So, you have to be out there and everywhere to get on top of the list.

So what if someone in California wants to buy the widget you’re selling in Columbia, South Carolina? If they found you across the country, locals who actually Googled “widget, Columbia, SC” are sure to find you! And who knows, it could be the birth of a new growth strategy down the road.

Getting on the top of the search engines is one thing, but spreading your message virally is another. You may see viral campaigns spread like wildfire globally and think that would be overkill for your small business. Great viral messages spiral out of control from social networks that begin in a community. The better the message, the more they spread. Again, if someone in California signs up for your blog after witnessing an engaging viral campaign, surely many others in Columbia, South Carolina will. After all, it originated here.

Don’t get caught up with why you shouldn’t embrace Marketing 2.0. Understand that today’s consumer does not care about your products and services as much as you, and they certainly don’t want to be force-fed your sales pitch. They want something to rave about, and then they will tell all of their friends who will rave exponentially giving you the credibility to close deals.
Along with the The New Rules of Marketing and PR mentioned in last week’s MidlandsBiz article, David Meerman Scott wrote the handbook on viral marketing in The Worldwide Rave. For a quick read, check out his blog post as a guest writer about “How to Create Triggers That Get People to Spread Your Ideas”.

Do you realize what just happened there? I helped David Meerman Scott’s viral strategy by sharing it with you, and I helped optimize his search engine rankings by linking back to him four times in one paragraph. I thought it was interesting and worth sharing. Now, go create something rave worthy for your target market. I bet you’ll get some sales leads from it at cost per lead (CPL) much lower than you’re used to paying.

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  1. Thanks for helping push my ideas along!

    Another aspect that is important is search engines and how they work. Google and the other engines reward inbound links. So if you are creating interesting things and people point to it from all over the world, then you are increasing your search engine rankings. That’s valuable even if you are only doing business in a small local market.

    Cheers, David

  2. Keely says:

    I feel like a giddy little school girl! David Meerman Scott himself posting a comment on my little blog! Thank you! This is better than an autograph!!! Thanks again David!